# 1: What does sustainability mean to SUPER VISION?

We believe that sustainability should be as absolute as possible. Our super vision aims to create good rather simply being less bad.

# 2: What does the name SUPER VISION mean?

SUPER VISION describes our vision to create a lifestyle brand which considers the whole and aims to start a movement towards a better, greener, more transparent and more ethical fashion industry.

# 3: Which materials do you use and where do they come from?

All of our materials are either recycled, organic or sustainable. In our MATERIALS section we explain more about this.

# 4: What does the SUPER VISION supply chain look like?

We design, produce and ship the materials from different mills. All of our items are sewn, bonded, assembled and finished in our own factory in Saigon, Vietnam.

# 5: Where are SUPER VISION clothes produced?

At our own factory Evolution in Saigon, Vietnam. 

United with one vision, SUPER VISION.