Hi-tech, sustainable performance products seemed at first like a contradiction. This is the story of our biggest challenge: creating nearly every single fabric for the SUPER VISION collections. Each of the materials we use are made according to our specifications to be high-performance, high-quality and ecological. Among our collection are jeans and jackets from bi-stretch Tencel denim, recycled Airmesh shorts, and breathable organic cotton tops. All designed for long-lasting quality on-and-off the bike. If we cannot create or develop it ourselves, we always carefully select each material we use, from low impact buttons to the biodegradable packaging we use to ship your order.

Biodegradable Bag - 100% Cassava

Our biodegradable packaging is made from natural cassava starch, a root produced by the Indonesian start-up WAVE, a game-changer in the packaging industry committed to spreading ecological awareness by replacing plastic bags with green solutions.Our SUPER VISION garment bags will dissolve in water, soil or landfill with the help of macro- and micro-organisms under natural conditions.

Bi-Stretch Raw Denim - 35% Tencel - 34% Polyamide - 18% Baumwolle - 8% EME PET - 5% Elastane 

Our Super Stretch Raw Denim is made of Tencel, a material obtained from eucalyptus trees grown on farms. No old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides are used. Tencel is also FSC-certified.The denim is woven by Candiani, a 75-year-old, family-run, Italian denim mill who strongly believes in sustainability and innovation. This ultra-comfortable textile is processed using Kitotex®, a technique that replaces PVA and harmful pollutants and requires 75% less water and 65% fewer chemicals. It even makes the fabric anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-pilling!

Recycled PET Spacer - 70% recycled PET - 22% PET - 8% Spandex 

We tried to find a fabric which can breathe but at the same time be comfortable and warm. Spacer was the best choice: it is cozy and windproof as neoprene but lighter and with more stretch.We developed our recycled polyester Spacer fabric with Paltex, a Tawainese high-performance fabric expert with a sustainable approach. Spacer is a 3D tech fabric made of two separate fabrics joined by microfilament yarn to create space in order to enhance comfort and improve breathability. Both sides are made of 70% recycled polyester (G.R.S certified) with 3% Spandex for elasticity. We also requested a double-sided two-tone fabric, so we have the opportunity to use both colorways for many of our styles and save from wasting textiles.

Recycled Airmesh - 60% recycled Mesh PET - 40% PET 

Airmesh is a highly breathable, cushioned fabric which has exceptional air permeability. Its solid mesh surface structure permits air circulation within the microfilament yarn layer in the middle of the sandwich fabric and boosts comfort and quick dryness for the wearer.The recycled polyester yarn of this fabric is made from post-consumer recycled content complying with the Global Recycled Standard (G.R.S).

Mesh Jersey - 55% organic cotton - 45% recycled PET (G.R.S certified) 

Our Mesh Jersey is a sustainable high tech fabric with a wicking feature. A double knit structure, the front is a plain jersey made of very soft and supple organic cotton (O.C.S and G.O.T.S certified) and the back is knitted with a mesh jacquard structure from high tech recycled polyester yarn, allowing the air to move through the pores to create ventilation and draw moisture away from the body.

Ultra Light - 100% recycled Nylon (G.R.S certified) 

We developed it at OneChang, a Korean mill specialised in high-quality textiles and innovative fabrics. Good looking and ecological, Ultra Light is made of 100% recycled nylon G.R.S-certified and bluesign® approved: no harmful chemicals for the workers and the environment are used in its making.

Coolmax - 65% Cotton - 35% Recycled PET 

Beat the heat and stay dry in hot weather with the COOLMAX® ALL SEASON fabric we use for our garment interiors and linings. This fiber blend of recycled polyester and cotton pulls sweat from the skin to the exterior of the fabric shell where it can evaporate away more easily. To reinforce its moisture-wicking features, the structure of the fabric has been woven in mesh patterns to make the material highly permeable for air circulation."All seasons" means that on colder days, the COOLMAX® fiber structures also provide insulation to keep you warm. The adaptability and versatile design of this fabric makes it the perfect finishing touch to our set of performance and sustainable fabrics.

Light Scuba - 88% recycled PET - 12% Spandex 

A second-skin stretch fabric with a very smooth surface enhanced with wicking technology to dry faster. We picked this fabric for its flexibility and ease from Everest, a Taiwanese specialist of highly functional fabrics who has been working with global sportswear and outdoor brands since 1988. Quick-dry, soft and resilient (almost no ironing needed after washing!) with a sporty look, Light Scuba is made of 88% ecological material: the equivalent of 6.5 used plastic bottles have been recycled to make 1 t-shirt!