700K D9



  • Every new journey begins with excitement. We felt the world is ready for a new definition of urban, sustainable streetwear and a tribe of VISIONARIES. Having our own factory, years of experience in sustainable fashion design, and passion for cycling we thought the journey would be easy to undertake.

    The reality taught us differently.

    We have had to learn countless new things, invest in completely new machines and equipment, develop nearly every fabric with our mills from scratch. However there are still many challenges we must face, and some that will never go away.

  • As you can see from our stories, we control every aspect of our factory, and have selected the best mills and spinners as partners to create the materials we use in our production. Nevertheless it would be naive to believe we can control and trace every step within the production cycle, especially over a long period of time.

    We must trust the people and organisations with whom we work and the certifications they have earned. However, we take it upon ourselves to continually put in efforts to ask questions and visit production facilities to see first-hand the processes and conditions under which our partners operate.