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  • Driven by my curiosity and the hunger to discover and explore, I left Germany in 2007. In 2010, I established a denim manufacturer in Vietnam, Evolution3, designing and producing for European private labels. In 2015, two friends and I founded DAWN, an ethical fashion brand of contemporary tailored jeans.

    My obsession for cycling started as a search for mindfulness and became an addiction to adrenaline and the feeling of freedom. The idea of combining my passion with my work and values was born soon after. It struck me that many of us are cycling everyday which made the idea of specific designs for commuting more and more obvious to me. I wanted first to make clothes that are comfortable for cycling in the city, with technical features, such as reflective details, that are indispensable for the safety of a bike rider at night.

  • Eventually I took the bet that I could create clothes where you don't have to compromise your style to be ready to ride, clothes with a modern and sleek identity to fit in an urban streetstyle world and designed with sustainability in mind.

    Being in HCMC gave me the opportunity to meet a french designer Linda, who was also committed to sustainable and specialised in high quality design. This triggered the launch of our label, designed for the future of fashion which we believe includes urban cycling: SUPER VISION.

    After months of R&D between Sai Gon, Berlin, Amsterdam and Shanghai; working with talented collaborators, team members and fabrics mills, I am super grateful to have launched a label started from scratch where we could blend design, function and performance with sustainability. It feels fantastic to take on this new journey!

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  • Q: What goals are you trying to achieve with your brand?
    M: To change the world! We want SUPER VISION to be a brand advocate raising awareness on environmental and social issues. We want to show that comfortable clothes for cycling don't have to be stodgy and speak to only one generation or type of cyclist. We want to make real streetwear for a new generation who have grown up with the bicycle and don't care anymore about a car, which they see not only as unnecessary, but also harmful to the environment and therefore their future.br>
    Q: What motivated you to found this brand and what aspects are you most passionate about?
    M: I love cycling. Being free to discover the outdoors and be close to nature, challenge myself and just push my limits. As a garment maker, I love working with high-tech and sustainable materials, developing innovative designs inspired by cycling. And I definitely want to encourage activism for a better world through the story and values of our brand.

  • Q: What should people love about your brand?
    M: SUPER VISION is young but our goal is clear: we want to design cool streetwear for the everyday heroes and heroines who have adopted the bicycle as their favorite mode of travel in the city. Urban cycling is a major activity contributing to a healthy lifestyle and at the core of the SUPER VISION we promote.

    Q: What should people think and feel when they interact with your brand?
    M: We want people to feel that their choices matter. We want them to think that change is possible and inspire them to share our vision with others. We want them to see our company and our products as an example of how a group of visionaries can create positive impact for a better world. It must start with awareness and we are here to empower any individuals with as much transparent communication as possible to give them the oppportunity to make conscious decisions for the good of their communities.

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  • Q: What could others criticize about your approach?
    M: "Fashion is not sustainable, why don’t you invest in growing trees instead?" To that I would say: "Maybe we will!" But first we are passionate about our brand, though we understand that this is only the beginning. We will grow and develop as we explore our ideas, and our garments will change with our experiments. To be a sustainable company also means to adapt to an ever-changing industry with innovation: we are able to shift our course when better alternatives come to our attention. Mindful interaction and collaboration are the strongest values of SUPER VISION.

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